About Me

I’ve been a proud resident of Gloucestershire, England for nearly 4 years now. Though you might think I’d have gotten to know the area by now, I’m afraid there’s a lot I haven’t seen and don’t yet know about the place. When time allows, exploring and discovering are my favourite things to do, so while my lifestyle means that I can’t pack my bags and travel abroad right now, I’ve decided to absorb every piece of culture, history and good living that are immediately around me. Now that I’ve put some roots down and can properly call this place home, I want to know where the gems are.

So join me for walks, coffees, sight-seeing, events, plenty of food and pretty much anything that I think makes a great visit for locals and tourists alike. I’d love for you to give me your own recommendations as well so that I can broaden this map of mine, the lesser known or more obscure, the better!

Brolly at the ready, we’re in England after all.

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